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10kg Dumbbell Set Fitness Free Exercise Home Gym Bicep Weight Training

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Dual-purpose detachable, dumbbell plus connecting rod variable barbell.
Adjustable weight
Dumbbells can be adjusted freely, increase or decrease according to their own needs, to meet the training intensity of different stages.
Double nuts
The barbell is equipped with double safety nuts, which can increase the friction between the nut and the dumbbell plate and effectively prevent the dumbbell from loosening,making fitness safer.
Stable and safe
The detachable barbell can be placed stably, and the dumbbells will not roll anywhere. The high-elastic frosted dumbbell prevents collisions and will not hurt the floor or hands.
Environment friendly
The material is excellent. This product is made of non-toxic and tasteless environmentally friendly material, which is more healthy and safer.

8*Double Nut

8*1.25kg Dumbbell Piece

2*37cm Dumbbell Bars

1*41cm Bar Joiner