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Multipurpose Mobile Phone Bracket Holder for iPhone

Multipurpose Mobile Phone Bracket Holder for iPhone

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Car phone holder with several angles: It is designed with 360° rotation and 90° flip folding. The mobile phone can freely rotate horizontally and vertically and is adaptable and sufficient to fulfil the needs of various views. When you converse, navigate, listen to music, or watch a movie, this gadget will always make sure your smartphone is in the position you choose.

The product consists of zinc alloy, gear and silicone serrated clip. The internal structure of the gear has 18 gear snaps, which can largely guarantee the mobile phone is in a very stable state at any angle, thus protecting the mobile phone. The phone is not affected by road vibration or problems. The unique silicone serrated clip design allows it to be mounted on the car vent for better GPS navigation.

The adhesive can be securely attached to the phone to prevent the phone from falling. Simple one-handed operation, easy to install on car vents in 10 seconds.


Material: Alloy + silicone soft clip

Colour: Gold, Silver, Black

Suitable for all models of mobile phones

Scope of application: mobile phone/car air outlet navigation/desktop

Multi-functional bracket: the palm can be used as a shatter-resistant bracket, the table can be used as a bracket, and the vehicle can be used as a vehicle bracket;

Digital products such as mobile phones and tablet computers are suitable.

Package Included:

1* Mobile phone holder


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