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10PCS Car Solid Wiper Fine Seminoma Auto Window Cleaning

10PCS Car Solid Wiper Fine Seminoma Auto Window Cleaning

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Product manual:

Automobile glass contains a variety of contaminants in addition to dust, such as insects, sludge, asphalt, tree sticks, fingerprints, soot, volatile plastics, and more. A high-performance cleaning agent, this product. It is introduced to the wiper kettle without being first combined with clean water. It can readily remove the glass oil film and bug traces and is very convenient to use. This product offers an anti-ageing function to maintain flexibility and increase service life as well as a lubricating impact on the rubber wiper skin. The daily cleaning and maintenance of all types of high-class imported and domestic vehicles can be accomplished with this product.

Small size, convenient to carry.
 Performance efficient, a grain of 4 litre equals to general water wiper.
Main Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate Citric Acid Surfactant Decontamination Active Enzymes Polymer Lubricants.
Function: Clean and decontaminate, reduce the friction between the wiper and the glass, and protect it.

Instructions for use:

This product can be used in temperatures above 0 degrees. Open the hood of the car, locate the wiper tank, fill it with water, add a piece of the wiper (it is advised to add two pieces if the glass is excessively dirty), wait five minutes, and then use it as usual. 4L of water can be substituted for one piece of regular water. It is a piece of water that can replace and be better than conventional glass water, based on the typical amount of the liquid storage tank!

Package Included:

10* concentrated wiper


To prevent kid interaction, this product should be stored in a cold, dry area. Avoid swallowing!

Antifreeze glass water cannot be used with this item! Antifreeze functionality is just absent from the cleaning function.





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