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Automotive Headlight Repair Fluid

Automotive Headlight Repair Fluid

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Improve visibility and safety while restoring the clarity of the headlights.
 Is ideal for extending the lifespan and delaying the ageing of automotive headlights. Perfect and increase the brightness of the headlights.
RENEW HEADLIGHT CLARITY — Headlight Repair Kits may successfully remove scratches from automobile headlights as well as problems with yellowing, blurring, and oxidation, enhancing visibility to other drivers. Without disassembly, it can solve various problems, such as scratch, yellowing, rusting and blurring.


First, use coarse sandpaper to polish, and then use fine sandpaper to polish with the fluid. 



Name: automotive headlight repair fluid

Capacity: About 20ml

Features: Auto headlamp repair and repair - light scratch repair, yellow renovation, oxidation, blur.

Package Included:

1 *headlight repair fluid. 

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