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Diamond Crystal interior accessories cover for handbrake, Gear and steeling wheel.

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This top-of-the-line leather steering wheel cover has an elasticized, smooth hand feel. The inner ring of the car steering wheel cover made of natural rubber is eco-friendly, smell-free, and non-slip in construction. A genuine leather surface with imported crystal inlay is luxurious and difficult to remove. Your car is unique because it is generously and stylishly designed, which reflects your taste and personality. Simple installation and cleaning, no deformation, and high wear resistance. Universal, appropriate for all vehicle models.

Crystal diamonds, elegant
Anti-scratch and wear-resistant sanding manufacturing technology creates texture and a smooth surface feel.
Each diamond is the hard work of a craftsman. Hand-set diamonds, and ingenuity, give each product a soul.
Environment-friendly and wear-resistant leather, bringing you comfort, relaxation and enjoyment.