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Hand Held DIY Brake Fluid Tester Kit

Hand Held DIY Brake Fluid Tester Kit

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Manometer-equipped vacuum tester (display up to 760 mmHg)
Applications include bleeding the brakes and power steering fluid and pumping out the master cylinder's fluid.
You can use it to bleed the brakes on your motorcycle as well.
The vehicle's general-purpose system and various parts can be tested and diagnosed using the vacuum pump.
It facilitates speedy power steering and brake fluid replacement.
This bleeder can be operated by you on your own.




- Tool kit with a vacuum pump tester and two-in-one brake bleeders

- A homemade brake bleeder tool to reduce mess

- Appropriate for both residential and commercial use

- Numerous adapters made for every type of vehicle

- 3 tubes of various lengths to meet various needs

- Reliable vacuum gauge, 0 to 30inHg ( 76mmHg )



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