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Small Car Mounted Heater/Fan

Small Car Mounted Heater/Fan

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There is no need to wait for the engine to warm up. This ingenious 2-in-1 heater quickly de-ices the outside of your car before demisting and warming the interior.

Product Description

Product code: R801

Product colour: black, white, pink

Quantity: 1 box, 1 piece

Main materials: ABS, circuit board

Scope of application: common to most models

Support voltage: 12V for cars and 24V for trucks

Working power: 150W

Colour box specification: 14 * 11 * 6.5cm

Single weight: 275g

Packing quantity: 50 boxes

Packing size: 56.5 * 34 * 29.5cm

Packing weight: 14.5kg

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